Silvio Santos’ daughter is hospitalized after complications from covid-19: ‘Stop throwing parties!’ – And more

Presenter Silvia Abravanel, daughter of the SBT owner, hospitalized after complications from the new coronavirus Photo: Instagram / @ silviaabravanel

One of the daughters of Silvio Santos, presenter and owner of SBT, had to be hospitalized after complications covid-19. In a video posted on social media, Silvia Abravanel said it has gotten worse since last Saturday, 3.

“Saturation dropped a lot. They say that from the ninth to the twelfth day are the worst and then I really got worse from Saturday to here. So, I ended up coming to the hospital, but if God wants to, I’ll be out of here soon. I’m super well assisted and medicated, “he said.

Silvio Santos’ daughter reported that she arrived very badly at the hospital and begging to be able to breathe. “This disease is no joke! Stop having a ball! Stop having a party! Stop! I arrived at the hospital with no air. You can call me thick, whatever you want, but my daughters and I are going through this,” he said. The presenter said that she never went to social gatherings or amusement parks and that she remains in social isolation with her family. “It’s not funny anymore! If you don’t care about your life, that’s fine. But respect the lives of others and health professionals”, he emphasized.

In the recording, Silvia Abravanel looks like the oxygen device to help breathing because of the coronavirus. “Value the air you breathe and don’t have to beg for it. Yes, my loves, I’m here now, thanks to God, I can breathe better! But I’m also here to beg you to stay at home, to beg you to respect God! No it’s cooler and not even funny. All of this is very serious and it kills! Do you want to have a normal life again?

Watch the video:


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