Juliette Freire will be assisted by Anitta’s team

Juliette Freire will leave BBB 21 with a hired press office. The lawyer will have part of her career taken care of by BPMCom, a company that provides services to other celebrities, such as the singer Anitta.

According to information from the Metrópoles portal, the arrangement was made by Juliette’s team, such as Deborah Vidjinsky, a personal friend and one of the agents of Paraibana’s social networks.

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On the other hand, as we publish exclusively, the businesswoman listed to manage Juliette’s career is Márcia Marbá. Sister of presenter Angélica, she is responsible for celebrities like Carol Castro, Reynaldo Gianecchini and the popular actress Grazi Massafera.

As everyone knows, Grazi participated in BBB 5 and became a great phenomenon. Currently, she is in the casting of the most sought after artists in Globe, in addition to being successful on social networks.

Márcia has already declared her support for Juliette and can take advantage of all the popularity of the makeup artist to make her a new Grazi. With over 18 million followers on Instagram, she’s the public’s favorite to win the BBB 21.


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