Silvia Abravanel is Interned with Covid-19: ‘Shortness of breath’

Silvia Abravanel, who revealed she was with covid-19 at the end of March, was admitted yesterday after feeling short of breath. Silvio Santos’ daughter recorded a video for Instagram, straight from the hospital.

I’m being super well looked after. I was very, very, very bad, very weak, debilitated. […] I arrived begging to be able to breathe. We don’t value the air we breathe until we don’t have it. “
Silvia Abravanel on covid-19

The director of “Bom Dia & Cia” also regretted that she contracted the disease because of “a person who did not take good care of herself and infected several others”, and appealed to her followers to prevent themselves against the coronavirus.

“Let people take it seriously. Stay home! It’s not to travel, it’s not to go to the beach, it’s not to go out with the family! Stop taking a PCR exam to have a party! This is inhumane with people in the area. stop dancing, stop partying! “, he said.

Silvia, 49, is the second oldest daughter of Silvio Santos. The presenter, aged 90, has already received two doses of the vaccine against covid-19.


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