BBB21: Arthur says he will continue to vote for Juliette

BBB21: Arthur says he will continue to vote for Juliette
BBB21: Arthur says he will continue to vote for Juliette

Juliette narrowly escaped Paredão last Sunday (04) in the Bate e Volta race, but apparently the sister will continue to be nominated by the house for the next few days. In a conversation with Rodolffo, who is in the spotlight this week, Arthur said he will keep his vote for the lawyer.

“In a week she said she wasn’t going to vote for me, she went there and, damn it. I thought, ‘Wow, Juliette’, is that so? Then take a vote for the Leader. I’m not going to change.”

Rodolffo then laughed and the brother continued:

“I don’t care if she is a favorite of the public out there, I don’t care at all. Me, you and Caio don’t burn votes, I’m not voting for a game. If it hurt me at some point, if it bothers me, I’ll vote.” then Arthur.

WL! Apparently, this story is still going to pay off, isn’t it?

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BBB21: ‘My hero ignores me’, Arthur complains about Leifert

Right after the live program, Arthur started talking to Gilberto and was upset with Tiago Leifert. The crossfitter feels that the presenter is ignoring him.

“But that Tiago doesn’t speak to us anymore, he doesn’t speak. Only when I go to the wall does he speak”, lamented the crossfit instructor.

And Gilberto agreed: “He doesn’t speak at all.”

“Porr .. Tiago, it’s f *** .. huh. My video game hero ignores me ”, added Arthur.


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