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Angélica says to take public transport abroad to give normal life to her children

SÃO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – Angélica, 47, spoke about trips to the podcast Esse Mundo É Nosso, by journalists Adolfo Nomelini and Rafael Carvalho. In the interview, she revealed what family travel is like, remembered her family and told her about her relationship with airplanes after the accident she suffered in 2015. The presenter said it was the first time she traveled abroad that she was not surprised. “At the beginning of my career, it was kind of weird because I talked to people as if they knew me,” he recalled. “I had an intimacy with them and they kept looking at me.” Currently, however, she has enjoyed going unnoticed. “It is as if I were relieving a little of the pressure of the looks, of the demands, of the expectations that people create upon us”, he said. In fact, the family tends to lead a more peaceful life when they are traveling abroad. “The first thing we like to do is go to the market,” he said. “We always take public transport, even because of the children. We like them to have the most normal life, so to speak, as possible.” Even so, she has already had to deal with paparazzi even though she is in other countries. The first time was before taking on the relationship with Luciano Huck, 49. “The relationship was not taken on yet because it was too early, we didn’t know what was going to happen,” he said. “A paparazzi photographed us in Barcelona and then we had to take over.” The other time was when I was topless on my honeymoon in Miami. At the time, she was pregnant with her son Joaquim, 16. “People say you have to be topless to prepare your breast for breastfeeding,” she said. “In Brazil, I was doing this at my house. And we were in Miami, I said: ‘Ah, I’m in Miami, in those sun stands on the beach, with my chest out in the sun to prepare my chest for Joaquim’. Then they photographed me and put it on the cover of a magazine. ” She revealed that her husband is the one who usually prepares the travel itinerary. “At the end of the vacation, we already start planning the other one,” he said. “Luciano really likes to plan vacations. I think that is the thing he most likes to plan. He is that person who plans the whole year. He sees a hotel, that is not cool, then he shows it to everyone, he changes.” Children, however, have already started to make guesses as well. “Now it’s starting to get complicated because before we used to carry around like a backpack,” he joked. “Now they come: ‘But how long [de viagem], ah, but I want to go back, I want to see my friend, I want to see my girlfriend ‘. So, we were going to start experiencing this drama last year because Joaquim is dating, Benício is already older, Eva we are still carrying, but then the pandemic came and we are not traveling. So, for now, he postponed the problem, but it will happen (laughs). “” In 2019, we already feel that because Eva wants Disney, Benício wants to know things, a place with a museum, he’s in that phase of curiosity. And Joaquim wants shopping, a place that has a city … “, he detailed.” Now we are in trouble, we will always have to think about a trip that has three. “In the suitcase, the presenter revealed what can not be missing “My bag has more bags than clothes,” he said. “Bags with vitamins, cream, medicine, sometimes, depending on the place, with food, a bar …” However, one item of luggage was considered the most unusual to date. here. “When they were younger, it was bizarre. I took a small pressure cooker to make beans for the children at the hotel, “he said.” Traveling with a small child, with three then, was a war mission. ” times, “he said.” And suitcases with children are complicated when they don’t come. Perrengue of airplane with bad weather sometimes, mainly when we go to place with snow. Perrengue of a sick child, who has to go to the hospital. Once Joaquim fell out of bed, opened his head and we had to go to a hospital in Miami at dawn. “She also said that the relationship with airplanes is better after a few years after the plane crash that the family suffered.” Right after the accident, I got really complicated with a plane, “he recalled.” I couldn’t travel much on a smaller plane, only on a large plane. It gave me claustrophobia small plane. Benício and I had the same symptom. “” Then it was like homeopathic, “he commented.” Then you go on a slightly smaller plane, you test it and it gets better. Before the accident I never felt very comfortable with an airplane. It wasn’t, ‘Oh, how cool, oh, I don’t feel anything.’ No. There was a turbulence, it was already panicked. I never liked it. “” After the accident, of course, it got worse, but it got worse on the one hand, but on the other I dedicated myself to curing that fear, curing that feeling, “he said.” If it weren’t for the accident, I wouldn’t have dedicated myself to that. And today I’m fine. I travel in a good way. ‘Ah, is this the place I most like to be in? No, but I don’t feel bad, I’m fine, I like to travel. The fear of the plane does not interfere with my life. And the truth is that it is very safe. “

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