How Matay reacted to his son’s harsh words

How Matay reacted to his son’s harsh words
How Matay reacted to his son’s harsh words
Matay was this Monday in conversation with Manuel Luís Goucha for a sincere interview where the musician opened the ‘book’ that tells the story of his life.

“What does it feel like when a child approaches a father and says: ‘Daddy, I don’t want to be black’? “, started by questioning Goucha, retrieving a recent revelation made by Matay.

“It is hard, but at the same time we try not to emphasize this situation”, begins by answering the musician, who confesses to having been devastated by the outburst of one of his two sons.

I bled all over. It looks like the body is bursting“, the Mint.

“When we think of it as a way of life, and it is, that’s how we learn to live, with the weight of what is the color of our skin, and realize that … balls, with five years old he already has to do this way“, he adds, going on to explain how he tried to give his son a positive message.

“I tried to show him that there is nothing wrong. There is no harm in having you the color of Daddy. We are black and proud,” he says.

Matay wanted to deconstruct what his son was feeling and give him the necessary tools to realize that he has no reason not to like his color.

“What I intend to do with my son first is to leave him relaxed on this subject and then give him training so that he can respond to these situations”, he defends.

But also the musician, now 35, was a victim of racism and had exactly the same feeling as his son when he was just six years old.

Matay is the name of black, black tents“, this was the phrase that marked him, said by colleagues at school and to which the teacher reacted with a smile.

“I was being humiliated and worse than that, it was all normal,” he recalls. “This is tough and it is tough today. And today my son is going through this”, he reinforces, ending this interview affirming that, unfortunately, Portugal is still a racist country.

Review Matay’s emotional words here.

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