Rodolffo says Camilla ‘strengthens the bar’ to participate in VTs

Rodolffo and Camilla had a long conversation in the garden of “BBB 21” (TV Globo). Among other matters, the duo talked about Rodolffo’s comment during one of the games of discord, in which the countryman criticized Camilla for being present in the fights between and among other participants.

“What I criticized was just the role of: there is a fight, it’s up,” said Rodolffo.

Camilla questioned what it is like to “be on top” for Rodolffo. “I see it as unnecessary and I see that it is a forcing of participation bar in VT”, replied the countryman.

The sister then asked about which fights the brother was talking about and he replied that the sister participated in all of them, citing the discussion with Karol and, on the same day, the fight between Gil and Arthur. “The people are there chatting, arguing and you’re on top,” said the singer.

During the chat, Camilla justified herself.

“Rodolffo, I am terrified of the fight. Just as you are terrified, your reaction is not to separate, my reaction is this […] I don’t like to see a fight and I always hit that key. If at any time, I harm myself in something it will be because I helped someone in the house “, said the sister.

The influencer also responded to Rodolffo’s comment about doing “VT”.

“If I wanted to do VT, I would stay here all day, put on makeup, stay here stretched out in the pool, sunbathing. Because that would convey an image of perfection, beautiful, beauty. If I wanted to do VT, I would do that, I would stay all day in the pool. I work with the internet, with Instagram, I talk about beauty, makeup, I would spend the whole day tidy. My purpose here … I didn’t come here for this. I came just to show who I really am. “, said Camilla.

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Globo / João Cotta


Globo / João Cotta

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