BBB21: Juliette explains why she is not respected

BBB21: Juliette explains why she is not respected
BBB21: Juliette explains why she is not respected
After the formation of Paredão in BBB21, from Rede Globo, Juliette e Fiuk they talked a lot in the outside area of ​​the most watched house in Brazil.

“From now on, I’m not going to do this truce thing anymore,” said the actor, without naming names.

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Then, Juliette explained the reason for not being respected within the reality.

“Do you know why nobody respects me yet? From what I understand, because I didn’t go to a decisive Wall. My Wall, in their mind, I am secondary,” she said.

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After the formation of the Paredão between Rodolffo, Caio e Gilberto, the famous groups formed to comment on the next steps of the game. Arthur, Rodolffo and Caio stayed in the kitchen.

First, the crossfit instructor toyed with the fact that Rodolffo went to four walls, three in a row.

“It happened to me huh, beast. It drew for three in a row. Next week you let me go so I can draw, otherwise I’ll be jealous”, joked Arthur.

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Caio believes that until the end of the game one of the three will always be at Paredão, but Arthur made a reservation about the current situation.

“It was a good scenario for you, right?”, Said Arthur about the two being against Gilberto in Paredão.

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Rodolffo agreed: “I don’t think it’s a bad scenario, no. It is not possible to just come back from two walls and in such a scenario”.

Arthur agreed: “I can’t think it’s going to be shit, no. I can’t.”

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