Arthur gets up and threatens to attack Fiuk live in open mouth: “Speak in the face”

Arthur and Fiuk almost attacked each other live at BBB21 (Photo reproduction)

BBB21’s discord game caught fire with almost aggression

The discord game of BBB21 caught fire on Monday night (4) and had remarkable and shocking moments. This is because, the confined ones should mark the worst, the best and whoever played dirty in the program. It turns out, that at various times, the attraction literally caught fire.

One of the moments that drew the most attention was Fiuk’s turn. The BBB21 participant pointed out the worst and the dirty game in Carla Diaz’s boyfriend and ended his race live. Fábio Júnior’s son stated that Arthur lies, who had terrible attitudes towards Carla Diaz and reaffirmed that if he depended on the boy, he would never have contact with him during the BBB21 game.

Fiuk also hit the key, which Arthur put on the wall and the scandal took hold of Carla Diaz’s boyfriend, demanding that Fábio Júnior’s son say such things looking in his face. Fiuk, in turn, reinforced that he had already said such things in the boy’s face.

The shack really took over at BBB21 and Arthur stood up sketching that he would go after Fiuk. João, who was in the middle of the conversation, went in the middle and separated the boys. Tiago Leifert, in turn, thanked him live.

Another remarkable moment occurred when João ended up exposing a game considered to be racist by Rodolffo. For those who don’t know, the bastion, which was the monster of the week as a caveman, said that the character’s hair looked like the boy’s, who cried, live, when explaining why he was giving him the worst player arrow .

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