What time does BBB start today? BBB Time Monday, 4/5/2021

What time does BBB start today? BBB Time Monday, 4/5/2021
What time does BBB start today? BBB Time Monday, 4/5/2021
This Monday (5), the BBB 21 (Big Brother Brasil 2021)has a new Game of Discord, called ‘meeting of the condominium’ by presenter Tiago Leifert. See at the end what time the BBB starts today, as scheduled by Globo.

The Discord Game promises to always cause more arguments in the house. Since more than half of the BBB 21 has passed (29 days to go), it is expected that there will be less fire in the playground.
However, Tiago Leifert’s interventions have been great for generating more conflicts at home.

BBB 21 today was still marked by the premiere of the BBB on duty, a special program that Globo put on the air at 2:40 pm. The ex-bbb Ana Clara, from the 18th edition, is the presenter.

She has already given spoilers and announced what the Discord Game will be like today. “They are going to have to talk about the best player, the worst player and who plays dirty,” she said.


  • BBB Time: See at the end what time the BBB starts today

Check out, in six steps, how the tenth wall of Big Brother Brasil 2021 was formed:

  1. Angel: Gilberto and Fiuk immunized João
  2. Leader: Viih Tube appointed Gilberto
  3. Closed poll: after a tie between Juliette and Rodolffo, Viih saved his sister and put the country singer on the wall
  4. Open poll: tie between Juliette and Caio. Viih Tube saved Juliette and put her brother on the hot seat
  5. Kickback: Caio pulled Juliette to the wall;
  6. Bata e Volta Proof: Juliette won the Bate e Volta Test and was saved
  7. Wall between Gilberto, Caio and Rodolffo;

The elimination takes place this Tuesday (6).


According to the official programming of Rede Globo and Globoplay, this Monday (5), the BBB 21 (Big Brother Brasil 2021) starts from 10:40 pm. BBB time can be changed by the broadcaster.

During the week, the BBB begins after the screening of the soap opera Amor de Mãe.


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