BBB21: Boninho gives a ‘direct’ answer about not following Juliette on Instagram

It is no exaggeration to say that everything related to Boninho and Tiago Leifert matters as much as the BBB’s themselves. And the biggest proof of that was the fact that Globo’s director was questioned for a specific situation in relation to Juliette.

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In the fact in question, a fan from Paraíba questioned the fact that Boninho did not follow his sister on social networks, since he follows other participants. However, in the best “Big Boss” style, he responded to the Internet user on the tin.

“I already follow her 24 hours a day at the house,” he said.

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Tiago Leifert makes alert

Tiago Leifert sent a message to the internet users who follow the BBB21, at dawn on Monday (05). The presenter pointed out that it is useless to go in the comments of the program’s publications asking for the elimination of a brother: what really resolves is just to vote.

Tiago also commented that it has no effect sending messages to him, that he has no control over the situation.

“Guys, look, each one of these messages that you send me saying ‘so-and-so has to stay’, ‘if so-and-so is over’, that’s 10 votes unless you stopped giving it at Gshow, warned the presenter.

“Stop sending me a message. It’s no use,” he added.

Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of daily messages that the journalist should receive about each movement in the game? Look!

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