Ana Maria Braga cries with surprise at Globo: “We are separated”

Ana Maria Braga cries with surprise at Globo: “We are separated”
Ana Maria Braga cries with surprise at Globo: “We are separated”

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Ana Maria Braga received birthday surprises and cried at Mais Você (Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo)

Ana Maria Braga turns 72 and received many honors in his program on Globo. During Mais Você, she had several surprises, but it ended up messing with the gifts sent by the grandchildren, which has been away for a long time because of the pandemic.

In the Mais Você studio, the presenter received clothes with paintings and the morning staff made a mystery, but she soon realized that they were a gift from her grandchildren.

Following, the attraction aired a video of Ana’s grandchildren preparing the birthday present and she cried with a message from them, which made her a surprise: drawings that represent the famous grandma.

The youngest Maria, just 6 years old, drew and painted a heart. Joana, 10, represented her grandmother on paper. Bento, aged 8, drew him hugging Ana Maria. The drawings were then transformed into pieces of clothing that became gifts.

Delicious! Whoever is a mother, a grandmother knows that it is the best thing in the world for us to see the continuity of life through our children. When a grandson arrives, it is a damned danger. You become a mother about eighteen times and there is no one to hold. I loved it, kids. Nobody told me, right“She commented.

Ana Maria Braga cries with surprises at Mais Você

Very good. Thank you guys”, thanked the presenter, who completed: I’m dying of nostalgia. With this pandemic, we are separated. So this longing is increasing every day. But today I am going to see them. I’m going to wear the clothes today“Said Ana Maria, who was moved to tears by the surprise of her grandchildren.

Still on the program, Ana Maria thanked the audience that always accompanied her throughout her trajectory on TV. “Thank you very much does not fit in everything that you represent for me there on the other side. I’m only here because you’ve been there all these years that we’ve been together. So I feel at your house“She declared.

After receiving praise from his colleague, Fabrícia Battaglini, the holder of Mais Você confessed that she is embarrassed to receive compliments. “I’m always very inhibited, I’m ashamed. When people talk about me I get embarrassed. Thank you very much to all the staff that accompanies me, my team that welcomes me here every morning. Everyone who’s been with me these years everyone knows how grateful I am“He said.

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