Lawyer wants to ban the exhibition of the soap opera The 10 Commandments | Training

Lawyer wants to ban the exhibition of the soap opera The 10 Commandments | Training
Lawyer wants to ban the exhibition of the soap opera The 10 Commandments | Training

Pierre Borges – 05/04/2021 18h39 | updated on 05/04/2021 19h07

Exhibition rights were purchased by EBC Photo: Reproduction

Through a popular action, a lawyer wants to ban Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC) from showing the soap opera Os Dez Mandamentos. The state-owned TV station recently bought the rights to display the soap created by Record for R $ 3.2 million.

In addition to trying to prevent the reproduction of the content, the lawyer José da Silva Moura grandson, the plaintiff, also intends to suspend payment for the work until the decision on the merits.

In the process, José da Silva Moura argues that the purchase of the rights to the soap opera violates the Constitution because it is a public company that would be “privileging Christianity to the detriment of other religions, exhibiting its doctrine in prime time”.

The document also says that “it is necessary to note that the Federative Republic of Brazil prelects in its Constitution, article 5, item VI, the breakdown of religion and its values ​​on governmental acts” and that “it is not prudent that, in a financial crisis unprecedented, the amount of R $ 3,207,067.92 is spent to acquire a program that will be replayed and will not even have a point of hearing when it is shown ”.

Through a note sent to the column Grande Angular, of the newspaper Metrópoles, EBC recalled that “it always acquired content from other broadcasters, national and international producers. Among the products acquired by EBC, for example, are the program ‘Brasil Visto de Cima’, by Organizações Globo, and the British series ‘Os Musqueteiros’ and ‘Sherlock’, licensed by the BBC. ”

In addition, the state-owned company also claimed that it made a “detailed assessment of the importance of having content with a recurring audience on the grid” and that “The soap opera ‘Os Dez Mandamentos’ fulfills this objective, in addition to adding value to the grid and the broadcaster”

Finally, “EBC reiterates its commitment to the legal principles guiding Brazilian public broadcasting, including religious non-discrimination, ensuring works with educational, artistic, cultural, scientific and informational purposes, seeking greater attention and competitiveness in the pursuit of the interest of the greatest number of viewers ”

The telenovela Os 10 Mandamentos will be shown on TV Brasil starting this Monday (5th) at 8:30 pm.

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