Luciana Gimenez’s son undergoes surgery and leaves fans worried

Lucas Jagger, son of presenter Luciana Gimenez, underwent an ear surgery this Monday (5/4) and left the fans beyond worried. Through social networks, the young man shared photos while still in the hospital.

In one of the clicks, Lucas appeared lying on a stretcher, with his head bandaged. In another photo, he appeared in front of the mirror. Lucas also shared an image in a wheelchair.

Lucas jagger

Lucas Jagger underwent surgeryreproduction

Lucas jaggerLucas jagger

The procedure was on the earreproduction

Lucas jaggerLucas jagger

The young man worried fansreproduction

Lucas jaggerLucas jagger

But it reassured themreproduction


Lucas is the son of Luciana Gimenez

Lucas jagger

His father is Mick JaggerAgNews


Lucas jaggerReginaldo Teixeira / CS Eventos


The fans, in front of the publications, were frightened by his health. But Gimenez’s son clarified the whole situation and insisted on reassuring his followers.

“He is fine. Ear surgery 10/20, photo of look 2/10 ”, joked Lucas, which is the result of Gimenez’s relationship with musician Mick Jagger.


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