Juliette overtakes Jair Bolsonaro on Instagram and weakens him straight from BBB 2021

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Juliette’s profile sends indirect to Jair Bolsonaro (Image: Reproduction – Instagram / Montage – RD1)

Political war continues to directly influence the BBB 2021 and the profile of Juliette, who always took a stand against the president Jair Bolsonaro (Without Party), managed to achieve a victory over him.

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Paraibana skyrocketed in number of followers and already has more fans than Jair on his Instagram profile. She has exceeded the president’s 18.3 million followers and netizens are celebrating.

“The message is given, Bolsonaro. Juliette has more followers on Instagram than you do. Negotiators will not pass. 2022 is coming ”, a follower joked, mocking Túlio Gadêlha’s jokes about the subject.

“My God, Juliette passed Bolsonaro in number of followers on Instagram, the girl is more famous than the president of the country”, reacted another. “Everything headed for her election in 2022”, joked one more.

It is worth remembering that, when he reached 17 million followers, instead of celebrating with the number, his team out here preferred to put “16 +1 million followers” ​​in the art.

The reason is the fact that number 17 was the number of Jair Bolsonaro in the 2018 elections, making it a “traumatizing” number for Brazilians. In the caption, they celebrated the brand:

“The 17 million followers have arrived! Thank you guys. You are PAAAAU! ”. And in the comments, fans loved the balcony. “16 + 1, bring an Oscar for ADM’s”had fun Selton Mello.

“I got the reference and it’s right!”commented a fan. “The first time that Brazil is happy with the number 17. The world is your Juliette!”, said one more.

Check out the repercussions:

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