Sadi wants Rodolffo’s exit and compares Viih Tube to the center

Journalist Andréia Sadi made a live with her friend and also a colleague from Globonews Natuza Nery. Sadi commented on ‘Big Brother Brasil 21’ and even saw husband André Rizek “invading” the live. The global couple expects twins, who will be called João and Pedro.

On the live, Natuza asked her friend if the record fell that children can arrive at any time. “No, I still don’t believe it. It’s going to be a crazy life here,” said Andréia.

Also during the chat, Andréia commented that she expects the elimination of the countryman Rodolffo from the most watched house tomorrow.

“Outside Rodolffo. Oh, friend, there’s no way. This is it, this week, you have to face it. I’m rooting for people to leave,” she said.

Andréia said she started cheering for a group, but she had to give up due to the elimination of people.

“I thought he was very clever. He said some things I didn’t like. A genius is Viih Tube. She can be a deputy from the center, an articulation behind the scenes”, she joked.

Read the blog, Rizek!

Andréia received the affection of her husband and journalist from SporTV during the conversation. “During the night, he wants to discuss politics,” the journalist told Natuza. “I already said: read the blog or buy the course that Natuza and I are going to take. ”

Recently, André and Andréia had a fun time on social media. The sports journalist complained that he wanted exclusive information on the latest national policy information, but received an unusual response from the woman.

“I came home yesterday crazy to have an explanation from the specialist about the movements in Brasilia, something exclusive, of what we only tell the leave. Answer: ‘Okay mad? Now the funeral is passing of Dona Lurdes! Read on my blog, that everything is there ‘”, wrote André.

Good-natured, Andréia responded as follows. “But it’s all in the blog even, it was just what I needed to stop the soap opera. Out when you want to argue in the middle of the BBB. I will do the same during the game “, said the journalist.

Remember all the brothers and sisters eliminated from the ‘BBB 21’

1st eliminated: Kerline

After facing Sarah and Rodolffo, Kerline was eliminated with 83.50% of the vote.

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BBB 21: Lucas abandoned the global reality - Reproduction / Globoplay

2 / 10

Lucas abandoned the program

After a series of fights and disagreements within the program, Lucas Penteado went to the confessional and abandoned reality.

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BBB 21: It was the second eliminated from BBB - Reproduction / Globoplay

3 / 10

2nd eliminated: Arcrebian

Facing Gilberto and Juliette, Bil was eliminated with 64.89% of the votes.

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BBB 21: It was the third eliminated from BBB - Reproduction / Globoplay

4 / 10

3º removed: Nego Di

After facing Fiuk and Sarah, Nego Di broke the hitherto record of rejection, receiving 98.76% of the vote.

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BBB 21: Karol Conká was the fourth eliminated - Reproduction / Globoplay

5 / 10

4th eliminated: Karol Conká

Karol Conká was eliminated with 99.17% of the votes, and broke the record for rejection of the program. She went to the wall with Arthur and Gilberto.

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BBB 21: Lumena was the fifth eliminated - Reproduction / Globoplay

6 / 10

5th Eliminated: Lumena

Lumena went to the spotlight with the duo Arthur and Projota and was eliminated with 61.31% of the votes.

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BBB 21: Carla Diaz is eliminated in false wall - Reproduction / Globoplay

7 / 10

False seawall does not count ….

Arthur, Caio, Carla Diaz, João Luiz formed the first quadruple wall of the edition. With 62.40% of the votes, Carla was eliminated on the false wall and had some privileges before returning home.

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BBB 21: Projota was the sixth eliminated - Reproduction / Globoplay

8 / 10

6th eliminated: Projota

Pocah, Projota and Thais went to the sixth wall of BBB 2021. The singer received 91.89% of the vote and was eliminated.

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BBB 21: Carla Diaz was the seventh eliminated - Reproduction / Globoplay

9 / 10

7th eliminated: Carla Diaz

It was not a false wall. This time, Carla Diaz was really eliminated. In a fierce wall with Rodolffo, Carla received 44.96% of the votes. Fiuk was supporting in the hot seat.

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BBB 21: Sarah is the eighth eliminated from BBB - Reproduction / Globoplay

10 / 10

8th eliminated: Sarah

After facing Juliette and Rodolffo, Sarah left the “BBB 21” with 76.76% of the votes.

Playback / Globoplay

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