happy face hurts Gil do Vigor

happy face hurts Gil do Vigor
happy face hurts Gil do Vigor
Gilberto did not understand the intentions of Juliette in the Queridometer Monday (5). So he asked his sister about the reasons why she gave her heart to Rodolffo and for him, happy face. For the economist, he voted for the lawyer for the wall of the BBB 21 and you can vote more often.

You give heart to a person who voted for you three times and me. He voted for you three times ”, said the indignant economist, who continues: “You give me a face after everything that happened is all right. I just think it’s weird that you keep giving heart [Para Rodolffo]”.

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She explains that it was all a mess: “I was going to be happy for all three, but I ended up not. I don’t want to hurt you or hurt you both. I want Paredão to go without hurt and without being hurt by me. I have reasons to be hurt by the three, I have a reason ”.

“I didn’t want to position myself, but my heart doesn’t depend on Queridometer“. Ends. After the chat she explained herself to Rodolffo in Xepa’s kitchen. She didn’t want to give her heart, but a face: “I couldn’t be silly to give ‘heart’. Whoever votes for me, I don’t have to give. I feel silly when I do the opposite ”.

Vote to delete Rodolffo, Caio or Gilberto! Who deserves to stay out of Big Brother Brasil? And stay on top of everything that happens in the most watched house in Brazil! Follow the full coverage of BBB 21 at the TV Observatory!


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