Viih Tube mocks soap opera character for lack of bath

Viih Tube mocks soap opera character for lack of bath
Viih Tube mocks soap opera character for lack of bath
Today is the cinema day of the leader at the home of “BBB 21” and Viih Tube, who won the leadership this week in reality, invited Camilla de Lucas, Juliette and Thaís to join her. The group watches an excerpt from the soap opera “Império”, which originally aired between July 2014 and March 2015 and will return to the TV Globo screens after the end of “Amor de Mãe”.

Alexandre Nero, who starred in the soap opera and gained fame in the role of “Comendador”, sent a special message. The sisters celebrated and Juliettte even praised the actor. “He’s very hot!” He said. Viih Tube asked: “How old would I be when this novel came out?”.

The sister also questioned a scene from the work, when Chay Suede comes home and lies in bed without changing clothes. “Will you not even change your clothes? Take a shower?” Said the actress, who then made a self-criticism: “It looks like me here at the ‘BBB'”.

Viih Tube has already become the target of jokes for lack of bathing inside the confinement, even being the subject of a report by Fantástico. The youtuber’s father, mother and boyfriend spoke up stating that this is not Viih’s habit outside the home.

Alexandre Nero and Marina Ruy Barbosa, who also participated in the work, celebrated the reprise of the soap opera. The actor stated that he is called “Commander” to this day.

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