Danilo Gentili’s face is deformed by a drug allergy – Emais

Danilo Gentili’s face is deformed by a drug allergy – Emais
Danilo Gentili’s face is deformed by a drug allergy – Emais

Danilo Gentili showed swelling on his face, caused by allergy, in a video on Instagram Photo: Instagram / @danilogentili

Danilo Gentili, 41, shocked his followers by appearing on social media with his face deformed, on the night of this Sunday, 4. The presenter explained that he had an allergic crisis, after taking a medication.

A allergy it led to the swelling of his face and also of the windpipe and he almost needed to be intubated. In videos shared on his Instagram profile, Danilo gave more details of what happened.

“I had a hard time this Easter, but everything is fine now, everything is at peace. By accident, I took a medication that I could not, I am allergic, and started to give anaphylactic shock, my eyes swelled a lot, my windpipe started to swell a lot “, he started.

“I was under observation. Now it’s better. I had a tense period, if my windpipe didn’t regress, I would need to be intubated. And if it were intubated, it would be a huge risk for me, because I can’t take medicine. And it could be a extremely complicated situation, I could go to the bag ”, he declared.

Finally, the presenter made a reflection on the Easter and left a message of faith to the fans. “When I thought I could go to the bag, I had peace. ‘Cause I remember who I’ve been believing [Jesus]. I thought: because he lives, I would live too. I reflected that, because of him, even if I died, I would live. That is the assurance of my faith. It is still Easter and, as this is the most precious thing I have, I am sharing it with you. Seek that life and you will never die ”, he concluded.

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