After being offended, Luciana Gimenez obtains an injunction in court against Jorge Kajuru

After being offended, Luciana Gimenez obtains an injunction in court against Jorge Kajuru
After being offended, Luciana Gimenez obtains an injunction in court against Jorge Kajuru

Luciana Gimenez appealed to the capital’s justice and got an injunction after being offended and attacked by Jorge Kajuru. In an interview with Antônia Fontenelle, the senator of the republic called the presenter a call girl and said that she is a disqualified woman.

According to UOL, who had access to the decision of Judge Valentino Aparecido de Andrade, Kajuru will not be able to comment on Luciana’s personal or professional life. If he fails to comply with the measure, he will have to pay a daily fine of R $ 20,000.

“Qualities markedly negative to the person of the plaintiff were attributed in this interview, with the allusion to facts that evidently had the defendant’s objective of violating, in addition to any reasonable reasonable measure, the privacy, honor and image of the plaintiff, including when it comes to undermining your intelligence, ”said the judge to the vehicle.

And he added: “The defendant’s scorn appears, in theory, explicit when he says he is not afraid that the plaintiff will sue him again for such offenses, given that he has already been prosecuted and convicted for the same facts”.

It is worth remembering that after being cursed by the journalist, as a way to defend and support many women who also suffer humiliation, are beaten and live toxic relationships, Gimenez, through his advisory, sent an open letter to the press.

She also received support from her ex-husband, Marcelo de Carvalho, who came to his defense. “My solidarity with Luciana Gimenez, as a woman and mother of two sweet and spectacular boys, my son Lorenzo and his son Lucas with Mick Jagger, with whom, I witnessed for many years to come, maintains the best and most respectful relationship”.

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