Big-mouthed, Dudu Camargo proves that Silvio Santos’s bet was a mistake; there is much to learn

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Dudu Camargo speaks more than his mouth (Image: Reproduction / SBT)

In an interview with Pânico, from Rádio Jovem Pan, this Monday (5th), Dudu Camargo it was Dudu Camargo in chivalrous doses.

Falastrão, the boy contradicted the version of SBT, that he is on vacation, and suggested that the rest of the video is somewhat forced, reluctantly. It went further, belittled the audience of First Impact, momentarily presented by Darlisson Dutra. With an air of oracle that knows everything, he announced that the program broke a negative record on Friday (2). Little did he care about the professionals who make the journalistic, the same ones who live with him daily.

At the end of the day, Camargo still offered himself to the competition, as someone capable of doing beautiful in any position and in front of any product. He emphasized the nod to the sides of Barra Funda, in a clear demonstration that he wants to go to Record – he guarantees to be a faithful viewer of Genesis.

Dudu may not know it, but he owes everything he conquered on TV to Silvio Santos. Yes, it was in a daydream of the businessman that that young man without talent, small and with a forced voice appeared in the video in a prominent position. After all, who else, in their right mind, would trade Joyce Ribeiro and Karyn Bravo for a Dudu Camargo, a poorly fabled mix of Luiz Bacci, Asa Branca and Silvio, if not the SS itself?

By reducing the work of the substitute and the team itself, Camargo does not suggest that he has a king in his belly. He shows that he thinks he is the king. When offering to the competition, and giving repeated praise to Record, as it has done recently, it sounds like an ungrateful one.

The SBT management, and especially the Abravanel family, should frame this young man and teach him that the entire hierarchy needs to be respected. Dudu has no power of attorney to speak on behalf of SBT, but he behaves as such. He is bold, verbose, inelegant and has the most pathetic posture of speaking about himself in the third person, typical of the self-centered.

In a psychotic break, this columnist will mix Fausto Silva and Dudu Camargo in the same paragraph. With 32 years in the house, and about to leave Globo, Faustão refuses to open any negotiations or talk about the future with the competition out of respect for the company that pays his salary. It demonstrates the most sublime of the feelings of a human being: gratitude. He is a professional who has marked the history of Brazilian TV, with a huge heart. Dudu, on the other hand, has a lot to learn, but apparently he doesn’t want to.

To the young boy, the column suggests an insured in the wave. Yes, it doesn’t hurt anyone. Put the ball down, man. Adjust the tuft. To SBT, another suggestion: Darlisson is better than Dudu, but from a distance. It’s like comparing José Loreto to Tony Ramos. The exchange, for the time being provisional, should be definitive. Journalism wins. The SBT wins. And Dudu wins, who could finally command something appropriate to his profile, such as Bom Dia & Cia, for example.

João Paulo Dell Santo

João Paulo Dell Santo consumes TV and takes it seriously since it is understood by people. In 2009 he turned this pleasure into a craft and exercised it on some websites. At the RD1, he was a columnist, editor-in-chief, editor-in-chief and since 2015 he returned to head the team. It can be found on social networks through @jpdellsanto or by email [email protected].

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