“Juliette’s potential is greater than the BBB’s award”, says expert

The Paraiba Juliette entered the BBB with a certain rejection of those who are part of the cast of this edition. However, over time, the lawyer and makeup artist won over the public and today she is the participant with the most followers of the popcorn group and has already received several advertising proposals on her Instagram.

The specialist in digital marketing, Pedro Valério talked to the column and made an analysis about the organic growth of the participant inside and outside the house, “it is very cool to see Juliette’s media potential, which is greater than the prize [de 1,5 milhão] BBB, ”he says.

Still according to him, she occupied the 17th position in the ranking of the greatest influencers in Brazil and has already surpassed even Kim Kardashian’s engagement, “The potential she has in closing contracts even with brands that are already BBB is very high. So, for me she has already won her Big Brother Brasil award. winning or not! ”said Pedro.

The strategies used by Juliette, according to Pedro, are divided into two parts, and one of them would be ‘lack of strategy’, which are the personal differences that we have between one influencer and another, “Juliette has a very strong position, she is not afraid to position herself and no team would save material that is not true. There is a team very aligned with her thoughts ”, he continues.

Juliette has 18.7 million followers and surpassed the participant of the Viih Tube box in which she had the largest number of audiences when she entered the reality show. About the two he says why the lawyer reached such expressive numbers, “Juliette delivers a lot of entertainment, she has a lot of positioning and daring to expose herself at the house. Viih Tube, for its past problems, is afraid and afraid. This works for her who receives few votes, but does not yield as much material ”, he compares.


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