BBB21: Rafa Kalimann demonstrates after being charged for positioning on Rodolffo’s wall, and explains silence: “Professional motive” – watch

Rafa Kalimann has been quite charged due to the participation of her ex-husband, the singer Rodolffo, in “Big Brother Brasil 21”. The brother, who was walled up yesterday (4), alongside Gilberto and Caio, will compete for a hot spot. For this reason, many internet users have demanded that the presenter position herself in favor – or even against – the sertanejo. However, the ex-BBB made it clear on Monday (5) that it will not take a position on the subject, and set out its reasons for this.

At the beginning of the confinement, Rafa commented on the reality show on his social networks, but in recent weeks he has avoided talking about the game in general, and about the participation of Rodolffo, who even got involved with some controversies. In the Instagram stories, Kalimann admitted that he has “held the wave” to talk about “BBB 21”, since he is a fan of the program. “I’m holding my emotion a little bit for professional reasons, because of a professional request. But, if it was my personal choice [de torcer ou não publicamente], I would be in my right to do it. Yes, it would be in my right ”, reinforced.

For those who don’t know, at the end of this month, she will debut the “Casa Kalimann” program on Globoplay, directed by Boninho, the “big boss” of the most watched house in Brazil. “I have no debt with anything or anyone, I have no responsibility for anything or anyone”, said Rafa in the videos. The presenter vented that she has really been pressured by people, and being “guilty” for issues that are happening within the game. “You guys have blamed me a lot, and it’s going on a lot [dos limites]. I speak as a woman, mainly. I have been struggling a lot, working my psychological and heart for the past few years so that I can have a light, free, peaceful heart, so that I can get on with my life ”, said.

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Rafa was direct in saying that he will not accept that people continue to involve his name in a negative way with the issues of the current edition of the program. “There is no way I can allow you to somehow put me in debt with something, okay? Know that I am not speaking for this professional reason, and that I also do not think it is valid in any way for me to devalue any notes coming from you in relation to this about my life, okay ?! Was I clear ?! Anyone who is criticizing me will understand what I mean ”, finished.

Although Rafa Kalimann did not mention the name of Rodolffo, fans or haters of the brother, the message was interpreted by Internet users as a very clear message … “In short, but not in the clear (for half an expert half a word is enough): Rodolffo shouldn’t be helped at all and nobody has the right to charge anything. OK!”said a young woman. The position was also not enough to stop criticism from both sides. “Whoever wants to fall! If [o Rodolffo] was one of the favorites, I was pulling out a task force ”, shared another viewer of the program.

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Many fans also understood the side of the ex-BBB and came out in their defense … “The scrotum is Rodolffo, but Rafa Kalimann is taking the hate. You are clueless ”complained a boy. “People have a problem with text interpretation… Rafa Kalimann said he insured the comments on ‘BBB’ for professional requests, just because of work. Then the guys are saying that she is not commenting because Rodolffo is not doing well ”, concluded another young woman.

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