Princes William and Harry unite in honor of their mother, Princess Diana

Princes William and Harry

The relationship between the princes William e Harry it does not go through one of its best phases, and it will only get worse after the interview that the Dukes of Sussex gave Oprah. However, the memory of the mother, the princess Diana, who died in 1997, is something that will unite the two brothers forever and that was precisely the reason that brought the two back into contact.

A few years ago, Diana’s two sons decided to erect a statue in her honor, which will be in Kensington Gardens. After some delays in the project, William and Harry decided to open it on July 1st, as planned, and for this reason they recently took an important step, by jointly approving the final design of the work.

The brothers decided that the statue will be bronze and the city officials in the Kensington and Chelsea districts, in charge of planning the project, revealed some more details of the project. According to the Daily Mail, inspector of historical monuments Jane Sidell revealed that “The location was chosen carefully, with the statue located next to one of the paths of the so-called submerged garden, close to an open space between the hedges”. Sidell further ensured that the statue “It will be visible to the public who visits the garden, but it will not affect the view of the palace or from the same”.

The author of this statue will be the sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley, who is also the creator of the image of Queen Elizabeth II that has appeared on British coins since 1998. At the time they announced the choice of the sculptor, the brothers referred to Ian as “Extremely talented”, able to create “A tribute [a Diana] that lasts in time ”. “We wish to be able to present the statue, which will allow all those who visit Kensington Palace to remember it and celebrate its life and legacy”, they added.

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