Sarah Andrade gains 700,000 followers after elimination

Sarah Andrade gains 700,000 followers after elimination
Sarah Andrade gains 700,000 followers after elimination
Sarah Andrade was eighth eliminated from the “BBB 21” (TV Globo) in just over a month. After losing 2.1 million followers in approximately two weeks on Instagram, the digital marketing consultant managed to get 700,000 followers in six days, hitting 7.5 million.

On her elimination, on March 30, the brasiliense was surprised to see her 6.8 million followers during Globoplay’s “Chat with the Eliminated” program. At that time I did not imagine that in the last few weeks the incredible mark of 8.9 million had reached.

His demise began when he said he followed President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) on the networks for “enjoying watching what was posted”. The issue was aggravated when, in a conversation about events in the outside world, he stated that he would not like to see the president’s impeachment for “liking him”.

The image crisis worsened during the party of the then leader Fiuk, on March 18. At the time, the ex-sister said that her videos enjoying a party during the quarantine caused questions about the production of the program about the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

“When I did the interview, they said to me: ‘Doesn’t the pandemic exist for you? Isn’t anyone dying for you?’. I said, ‘wow, I’m not feeling anything,'” he explained. Then Sarah still amended. “Can I speak? I didn’t get covid because God loves me”.

Yesterday, Sarah apologized for what happened in a video posted on social media. She says she did not imagine the seriousness of the things she said, mainly due to the difficult time the country was going through. He still says he did know about the pandemic while in reality, but he believed things had improved.

“I need to talk to you about a subject that is very serious, that resonated a lot while I was in the program, which were my speeches about the pandemic, I want to apologize, from the bottom of my heart, forgive me. To all of you I want to apologize, to all Brazilians, to all families that were victims of the covid, to everyone that I offended. I have no justification for any offense, just really apologize. I didn’t imagine the seriousness of what I said, especially in such a fragile moment and sad in our country. “

Conflicts with Juliette have aggravated the situation

Sarah and Juliette were inseparable friends and formed the pair “Sariette”, nicknamed affectionately by the public. Together with Gilberto, they formed the “G3” and emerged as outspoken favorites in the final.

However, Sarah’s swoops with Juliette took them to distant paths. The ex-BBB said at all times that she had doubts about the affection and friendship of Paraiba, and began to make deliberate criticisms about her behavior.

The most controversial speech came when he told Gilberto about the fight between Paraiba and Lumena in the first weeks. According to the version presented, Juliette was standing and when she saw Lumena’s approach, she sat down to show who the oppressed and the oppressor were.

In the face of so many conflicts, Juliette became her first voting option, a situation that was realized in the seventh wall. The change came the next, when the makeup artist returned the vote that consequently helped Sarah go to the wall. His departure was influenced by all that happened and by the strong task force pulled by the competitor’s team most followed on social networks.

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