Who Killed Sara? has a shocking connection to real life on Netflix

Who Killed Sara? has a shocking connection to real life on Netflix
Who Killed Sara? has a shocking connection to real life on Netflix
Who Killed Sara ?, from Netflix, shows the protagonist Alex Guzman going against the Mexican criminal family Lazcano. What not all fans know is the series’ shocking connection to real life.

The series’ family shares the name with a famous Mexican drug dealer, Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, leader and founder of the Los Zetas cartel. He died in 2012 in a shootout.

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According to TIME, Lazcano killed his victims by serving them as food for lions and tigers that he kept on a ranch.

He was also known for his brutal methods of torture. He was part of the Mexican special forces before working for the cartel and forming Los Zetas.

He was once one of Mexico’s most wanted criminals before he died in 2012.

Who Killed Sara? follows Alex Guzmán (Manolo Cardona). It all starts when the protagonist was young and accompanied his sister Sara on a boat trip with the rich and criminal Lazcano family.

That day, Alex witnessed the death of his own sister. What happens is that Sara’s fate was not an accident and he ends up taking the blame. After 18 years in jail, the character is released and decides that he will expose the murderer and the Lazcano family.

Of course, not everything is easy and the head of the criminal family, Caesar, will do anything to protect what is his. Mexican production ends up uniting the drama of a soap opera with the twists and turns of a good suspense story.

Who Killed Sara? was created by José Ignacio Valenzuela. The cast also has Ginés García Millán and Carolina Miranda.

“Determined to take revenge and prove that he was falsely framed for his sister’s murder, Álex is about to discover much more than the real culprit for the crime,” says the Netflix synopsis.

The first season of Who Killed Sara? is available on Netflix.


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