At 91, Lima Duarte reveals that he was never loved by women and says he doesn’t love himself

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Lima Duarte opens the game about love (Image: Reproduction / Globoplay)

Lima Duarte celebrated his 91 years of age recently and surprised by making unexpected revelations in a video on Instagram, where he has interacted weekly with his followers.

On that occasion, he talked about the loves of his life and quoted Maitê Proença, with whom he lived a romance during the recordings of the soap opera O Salvador da Pátria. She denied it, but highlighted the affection she feels for him.

“Maitê must have loved Sassá Mutema. We played, we had fun, but I never saw her again. Life took us to other places, but I always hope that she will be happy ”, fired the veteran, who married three times, but vented saying he was never loved:

“I always told the girls to be careful with me because I’m from Aries with a Scorpio ascendant, but I don’t understand Astrology (laughs). I don’t think any woman has ever loved me. I don’t love myself. I love my characters ”.

On his first memory of life, he reported: “My mother was an epileptic. At 7, he was in the kitchen, on the dirt floor, next to her. Once, she passed out and I, crying, tried to lift her up ”.

“At that time, it was not known that it was a brain injury. It was said that the person had an ‘access’. This term still intrigues me. Access to the devil, the soul, the brain? This is very strong for me today. These are the situations that shaped my early childhood ”, highlighted.

The actor, it is worth remembering, was immunized with two doses of the vaccine against covid-19. To the newspaper Extra, the veteran took the opportunity to pin the president Jair Bolsonaro (without party):

“I think about grandchildren, children, what has happened to us? Plagues, tragedies, viruses, the presidency … Our Lady, how many nonsense and lies we have seen. It is brutal rudeness ”.

The actor followed: “The man [Jair Bolsonaro] said that China’s vaccine is no good. But I am feeling very well vaccinated. China is China, I know and love oriental wisdom. But I also can’t complain about anything ”.

Lima Duarte then recognized that he has the privilege of being isolated during the covid-19 pandemic. “I’ve been in prison for a year, I don’t leave this paradise (the site) for nothing ”, he said.

“I listen to music and read all day. I also see old soap operas. Because I remember what happened beyond the scenes. You do not want to know what is, or rather, what were Globo Studios. Pride, egos, hatred, love, all in the same place (laughs) ”, declared the artist.

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