Rafa Kalimann says his silence is for professional reasons

After many charges on the internet and becoming a meme on social media, Rafa Kalimann decided to comment on his lack of comments on the latest events at BBB 2021.

Her ex-husband, Rodolffo, is on the tenth wall of the program, along with her great partner and reality ally, Caio. Rafa’s silence on the subject made jokes on social media, but the influence was explained in a sequence of stories on his Instagram.

“I gave a little confidence in my emotion because of a professional issue, because of a professional request. But, if it was my choice, guys, I would be in my right to make it,” said Rafa. “I am not indebted to anyone or anything, I am not responsible for anything or anyone,” she added.

The muse continued: “I am saying this because you have blamed me a lot. A lot. And it is crossing a lot (of the limits)”. She went on to say: “I have been struggling a lot, working on my psychological, my heart for the past few years so that I can have a light heart, a free heart, a heart at peace … to get on with my life. There is no way I can allow you, somehow, put me in debt with something “.

Rafa ends the outburst: “So know that I am not speaking for this professional reason, and that I also do not think it is valid, in any way, I completely devalue any notes coming from you in relation to this, about my life”, adding: ” Whoever is criticizing me understands what I mean “.

The former BBB, who turned 28 last Friday, did not elaborate further on such ‘professional reasons’.


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