Do not forgive: sarcastic, Joana Marques returns to leave barbs to Cristina Ferreira – National

Cristina Ferreira debuted ‘Cristina ComVida’ a week ago. Before it had been invited by Manuel Luís Goucha, in an interview in which the director and shareholder of TVI took the opportunity to respond to some criticisms, namely the trip he made to Dubai.Joana Marques did not miss the opportunity to leave some splinters to Cristina Ferreira, under the heading ‘Extremely Unpleasant’, on Rádio Renascença, with the sarcastic humor that so characterizes her.
“His new program, ‘Cristina ComVida’, debuted, but with difficult lives, since the first week’s audiences were not very encouraging. On social media, there are those who are disappointed to be, and I quote, ‘more of the same’ or ‘nothing new’. I don’t understand these people: what were they waiting for? From a new ‘Rural TV about picking olives with Cristina Ferreira or a magazine about French cinema? “, Asked the radio host. Joana Marques highlighted the moment when the show premiered when Cristina Ferreira was honored by an airplane flying over the studio and whose message touched the presenter: “They [referindo-se aos concorrentes do ‘Big Brother’] when they received the messages and cried, it was ridiculous anyway, but they had been locked up in a house without contact with the outside for at least two months. You have now entered that house and, in half an hour, you will go to yours, have dinner and sleep“, he joked.The humorist preferred to scrutinize Cristina Ferreira’s interview with Manuel Luís Goucha. In the conversation between the two TVI professionals, the veteran presenter wanted to know about the alleged “character murder campaign”, which Cristina says is a victim. Something that Joana Marques confesses not to notice after the presenter’s explanation. “Anyone who is smart and knowledgeable knows that there is a campaign and, if they are smart, they know where it comes from. I, as I don’t have any of these attributes, I didn’t notice anything“, joins Joana Marques.

Still on holidays in Dubai, Cristina Ferreira justified her days in the Emirate, saying that his last vacation had happened in August and that “people have no idea how difficult” the life of a television professional and how “the head really needs some relief”. In analysis, the comedian jokes again: “I was listening to this live and mentally asking: ‘no, no, don’t say that, don’t go around. (…) But which life? As a member of the board of directors of a large company? (…) Arriving in the month of March and not having a vacation since August. Seven months in a row, horrible!


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