Winner of “Miss Sri Lanka” has a crown torn off her head and ends up in the hospital after a veteran accuses her of violating the rule; Surprise case outcome – watch

WL! The weekend was marked by a controversy in the Miss Sri Lanka contest final. After being crowned winner of the 2021 edition, Pushpika de Silva ended up in the hospital. She was injured after having her crown torn by Miss Sri Lanka 2019 and current Miss World champion Caroline Jurie, who accused her of being divorced – which violates the rules of the dispute. But the story took another turn!

Pushpika was already celebrating his victory when Caroline stole the presenter’s microphone to announce the alleged violation of the rule. It was then that Miss Mundo stated that the result would have to be invalidated. “There is a rule that prevents women who have already been married and are divorced, so I am taking steps to ensure that the crown goes to second place”, she said.

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Soon after, Jurie went towards Pushpika and removed the crown from her head with some effort, receiving the help of another woman who approaches to dethrone her. After the live humiliation, the first place of the contest leaves the stage disgusted, while the others celebrate the victory of the vice-champion, who takes the position. In the surprising recording of the scene, it is possible to see that the public is in shock with the decision.

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Injuries and turnaround after misunderstanding

On Sunday (4), the Sri Lankan newspaper Daily Mirror said that Pushpika had to be taken to a hospital in the city of Sri Jaiavardenapura-Cota. According to the model’s assistant, she suffered injuries to her scalp when her crown was violently ripped off by Caroline. The miss team also said that she was very depressed by the unexpected outcome of the contest.

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In an interview with the newspaper “News 1st”, Pushpika assumed that she does not live in the same house as her husband. However, she denied that she was divorced, said she would take appropriate action against the contest and asked them to prove that she would be legally separated. “Living in separate houses and being divorced are completely different things. I have already taken legal action against the injustice and humiliation caused at the event ”, made the model clear.

Caroline Jurie, Miss World 2020, was the subject of a complaint to the police after taking off the crown of the champion of the Miss Sri Lanka contest. (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

With the misunderstanding, Miss Sri Lanka’s organizers announced that Pushpika will again be crowned the champion. According to the Daily Mirror, there will be a new ceremony to return the title to the winner of the contest, including a press conference this Tuesday (6). The miss even filed a police complaint against Caroline Jurie and Chula Padmendra – the woman who helped Miss Mundo remove the crown – for the violent acts on the award stage.

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