“This prejudice takes me out of my mind”

“This prejudice takes me out of my mind”
“This prejudice takes me out of my mind”
Rita Rugeroni turned to her Instagram Stories to show her revolt at a “news” that she saw being made about Sara Matos.

The actress renewed her exclusive contract with SIC and, on one of the news sites, the fact was highlighted along with the fact that she was pregnant for the first time, a junction that was not well regarded in the eyes of the radio announcer.

“Amazing! Sara Matos, who is pregnant, renews an exclusive contract with SIC ”, it reads in the news in question.

Rita Rugeroni revealed that she was “on edge” with the title, highlighting that this “prejudice” “takes her seriously”:

“I saw the title of this“ news ”and immediately became nervous. I don’t know Sara Matos, but I’ve been pregnant 3 times and this prejudicewhat pregnant women are less than others, get me out of my mind ”, vented.

Then, he left a “message” to the professionals of the site in question:

“AMAZING? Where’s the surprise that I’m not seeing? Was it more normal for them to fire her because she is pregnant? Have some decency, please. And respect, if you don’t ask too much. I wish many professionals did half as much as a pregnant woman does ”.

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