Guys | What Kate eats in a day

Guys | What Kate eats in a day
Guys | What Kate eats in a day

Kate is one of the women who steals the most attention worldwide. Married to the prince William, who will be king of the United Kingdom one day, is always praised for its natural beauty, elegant body and impeccable style.

While fulfilling the royal duties of the official agenda, Kate still maintains a balanced family life. Mother of George, seven years old, Charlotte, five, and Louis, for two, it unfolds between care and playing with the boys. And I already said that one of your favorite household activities is cooking.

Balancing flavor and healthy choices, Kate has a diet that reflects this ideology. So much so that, at breakfast, you don’t need smoothies. According to the Mail Online, the Duchess of Cambridgosta likes to combine kale, spirulina, matcha, spinach, lettuce, coriander and blueberries to create this nutritious drink that she drinks in the morning. A cup of oatmeal follows and Kate is ready to start another day.

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At lunch, Kate prefers fish dishes. She is not a vegetarian, but she has already indicated that she intends to reduce meat consumption. So much so that, during his trip to India with William, he asked for dishes made with vegetables, such as kebabs or curries. It is also known that, often it does not dispense sushi in this meal, having a special predilection for pieces with salmon. Salads and ceviches are also often the duchess’s choices for the midday meal.

At dinner time, the choices usually fall to roasts and pasta. Delicacies accompanied with vegetables. And often spicy dishes, since Kate is a fan of spicy.

Throughout the day Kate likes to go snacking to satisfy her appetite. The Duchess’s favorite snacks are fresh fruit and nuts. In more relaxed moments, the choice goes to popcorn.

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