Kate Winslet: – – Hollywood must drop the outdated shit

It has been a myth for many years – actors travel to Hollywood to find happiness, but do not dare to come up with a different orientation than heterosexual, for fear of not being cast for various roles.

This is exactly the theory that actress Kate Winslet (45) shed new light on when she recently appeared in an interview with The Sunday Times, according to People.

Told about his orientation: – Then I realized the seriousness of what I had done

She herself is well acquainted with all the nooks and crannies of Hollywood, after almost thirty years in the business. Therefore, it is perhaps extra startling that she only now chooses to talk about what for many is considered a problem in the film industry.

Has a clear meaning

Winslet himself is relevant with a lesbian character in the upcoming film «Ammonite». There she plays the British paleontologist Mary Anning, and the romantic drama focuses on a romance between Anning and Charlotte Murchison, played by Saoirse Ronan (26).

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It is not uncommon for discussions to arise about whether heterosexuals should be allowed to play lesbian or gay roles. Several argue that it is already difficult enough as a lesbian or gay to get a heterosexual role – and that heterosexuals should therefore refrain from taking on these roles out of respect.

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Winslet, on the other hand, does not have a bad conscience.

– We could have had a conversation about how I feel it is to play lesbian and possibly take the role from someone else, but I have ended up not being honest about what I actually mean, and I know that role was not offered to anyone else. By taking on this role, I had an opportunity to bring an LGBTQ story into people’s living rooms, she says in the interview.

Here Kate Winslet gets her dream come true

Hides orientation

Winslet is also clear in her speech about how she believes Hollywood treats people differently based on people’s orientation. She believes that one should rather focus on a change within the film industry, rather than reserving certain roles to individual people based only on their orientation.

– I can not tell you how many young actors I know – some well-known, other debutants – who are terrified that the orientation will be known and that it may stand in the way of them playing a heterosexual role. It does not belong anywhere, she tells the newspaper.

– I moved because I’m gay

Furthermore, she takes a hard line with the industry.

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– It’s bad news. Hollywood has to drop the outdated shit about “Can he play heterosexual because he’s apparently gay?”. It should have been almost illegal, she says, and adds that the practice and way of thinking is more widespread than one would think.

Throws away the clothes

As mentioned, Winslet has taken on the role of a lesbian woman – and there is apparently no lack of romance in the film. There will also be talk of nude scenes, something the 45-year-old actor should not have had any problem with.

CURRENT: Kate Winslet plays Saoirse Ronan in the upcoming movie
CURRENT: Kate Winslet plays Saoirse Ronan in the upcoming movie “Ammonite”. Photo: Agatha A. Nitecka / AP / NTB
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– It was very clear to me that the characters had some very passionate moments together, so this was something both Saoirse (Saoirse Ronan, journ.anm.) And I wanted to convey. And for me, at the age I am now, it actually felt really good, she admitted earlier this year, according to Contact Music.

In the same interview, she could also say that she had initially imagined finishing nude scenes at this point.

– I was surprised at how it felt for me. I have all these stretch marks and scars, and I’m older. It is a different body than 20 years ago. But there was something wonderful about sharing this, and speaking the same language, with another woman, she said.

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