World star was knocked out by covid-19: – Sense of smell, sense of taste, breath and memory are worse than it was – Dagsavisen

World star was knocked out by covid-19: – Sense of smell, sense of taste, breath and memory are worse than it was – Dagsavisen
World star was knocked out by covid-19: – Sense of smell, sense of taste, breath and memory are worse than it was – Dagsavisen

Many became aware that Molvær really hit the corona wall last autumn. Both through a major interview here in Dagsavisen and the NRK program “Helene checks in”, where NRK’s ​​Helene Sandvig met Molvær at the hospital, Molvær told how tough it had been to be infected with the corona. He simply became very ill, and anyone who knows what a CRP of almost 350 is, understands that it was bloody serious. The body was in good Norwegian heavily attacked by an infection. Two hospitalizations were necessary before the arrow began to point upwards.

Et skulekorps utenom det vanlige (+) ]

Infection at the airport

Molvær (60) has large parts of the world as a workplace and just before he became ill, he had played concerts in Hamburg and Saarbrücken in Germany. Security was thorough both in connection with the concerts and when it came to transport to and from the airport.

– When I was going home to Oslo from Frankfurt, I had some time to spare and stopped by the lounge at the airport. There were a lot of people and no one wore face masks. I have a strong suspicion that this was where I became infected, says Molvær on the phone – it is still the safest way to “meet” – about half a year after he was knocked out and went down for counting literally.

– I have never practiced so much in my life as in the last six months.

— Molvær

– If what I hear and read about people who say it is not appropriate to get vaccinated because they are going to the cabin this Easter is true, then I will simply be pissed. It is so damn irresponsible and unsympathetic that I almost lack words, says a very determined Molvær.

He knows what he’s talking about, so to speak.

Å fylle 64 år er ikke bare bare når man er vokst opp i popgenerasjonen ]

The positive phone

Molvær has, after he was discharged and carried out after the quarantine, taken step by step. He realized that there was no quick fix here and started rehearsing the trumpet.

– I have never practiced so much in my life as in the last six months. I was never afraid that I would not be able to play again, and the doctors thought it would work out. But when it is the case that you experience that you have lactic acid in your lungs, then it means that you get tired faster in both your stomach and lungs. Then it is cardio training that applies, laughs Molvær.

Suddenly he interrupts himself in the middle of a sentence and says: – Now I have to put you on hold, I see it is my GP who calls. As I said, so done and a few minutes later a joyful Molvær is back.

– Are you there? You know what? A little while ago I had a CT (a type of X-ray) taken of my lungs and that was the result of the GP calling me. They think my lungs will be fine again! It was a real boost to get, says Molvær and it is almost possible to see the smile through the phone.

Hedvig Mollestad Trio er gitarmagi på sitt beste (+) ]

Smell, taste, breath and remember

The status right now, however, is not such that Molvær can say that everything is normal again – far from it.

– Some days are better than others. If I sleep well, then I have a better day afterwards. Now it is the case that both sense of smell, sense of taste, breath and memory are worse than it was. Hopefully it goes the right way with all that too, as the doctors say about the lungs. I have also known of some form of tinnitus, but I do not know if it has to do with the corona. Now I blame it in all situations, says a gallows humorous Molvær.

The priority now is to sleep well and long, go for walks and actually try to run a little too.

– I am much more aware of physical things now than before, says Molvær and believes that now it is probably a question of the corona.

Musikkassettens far endret livet for mange av oss ]

Loss of revenue and new record

Both before he became ill and after the medical sledgehammer, steadfast Molvær has worked purposefully towards a new record. “Stitches”, which will be released on the large company BMG, is nearing completion and it has obviously been both important and a major motivating factor.

– Now I want to play for people again. I miss it very much. The road there has been long and also financially I have felt strongly about the absence of jobs. My management has calculated that I have lost approximately 1.8 million gross from March to August last year and I had to lay off myself from my own AS. Since I work largely abroad, I am not picked up by Norwegian support schemes even if I tax everything to Norway. Get in touch with the countries where you should have played, say Norwegian authorities. It is completely hopeless and just to forget, says a slightly resigned Molvær. But when the jobs come back, I will promise to dismiss myself immediately!

Then it’s much nicer to talk about the new album that will take over the whole world in August.

Nils Petter Molvær (number two from the left) with the band working on his upcoming album. (Roar Vestad)

– I have been a lot in Tromsø and worked in Kysten Studio with Jon Marius Aareskjold. It has been great. Tromsø is a cool city and it’s good to get away from Oslo. It is much easier to stay focused then. Jo Berger Myhre, for a guy and musician, should have all sorts of credit for the work he has done around this record. When I also have top people on the team with me, such as Jan Bang and Helge Sten – number one mastering technician – the result has been exactly as I could imagine. The top musicians Erland Dahlen and Swedish Johan Lindström, who make up the band together with Berger Myhre, are, as usual, the very best quality criteria.

– There will probably be a couple of singles first, but in August the whole album will be released, says Molvær – more excited in connection with a record release than maybe ever.

Jenny Hvals Lost Girls deler en klem (+) ]

Kongsberg or not Kongsberg

The waves have been high around the jazz festival at Kongsberg in recent months. Is it ethical to play at a festival sponsored by a company that produces and exports weapons? Molvær was to perform at the festival last year with commissioned works. That festival did not happen due to the pandemic. Now it is intended that it will go off the rails at the beginning of July with Molvær in the same role.

– My band and I have thought a lot and carefully through this issue and decided that we will play. Where in all the days of the world can we play if we are to follow this mindset? Who sponsors whatever it is around the world? That said, I respect those who refuse to play there for ethical reasons. I think it is difficult with a so-called cancel culture – everything is connected, as Gro said, with everything.

Nils Petter Molvær is slowly but surely on his way back to where he was before he stopped by the lounge at the airport in Frankfurt. But know who he’s blaming if he does not remember your name the next time you meet him!

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