BBB 2021: Edition ignores Ludmilla’s anti-racist speech and brother’s political speech

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Ludmilla is polemic when she swears live and sends an indirect message about racism at BBB 2021 (Image: Reproduction / Globoplay)

The edition of BBB 2021 in this Sunday (4) he preferred not to show moments of the last party, which took place on Saturday (3), which gave us something to talk about on social networks. One of them was the anti-racist speech made by Ludmilla. The other was a mention of Gilberto to “bolsominions”.

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During her show, the singer asked the blacks for respect: “The next song I’m going to sing now talks about something that the world is in need of, which is respect. Respects our funk, respects our color, respects our hair. Respect me dear **! ”.

At the same time, then, João and Camilla hugged each other when Ludmilla spoke, believing that the famous woman was referring to the prejudiced comment that Rodolffo had made before the party about his brother’s hair.

In a social network, however, the funkeira declared that the speech was about the lawsuit she lost against Val Marchiori, who compared her hair with that of a steel wool. However, she said on social media: “João’s black is even more beautiful in person”.

The BBB 2021 edition still ignored a comment by Gilberto believing that he would be on the wall against Rodolffo – which, in fact, happened – and that it would be widely voted by followers of President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party): “At most, it will be a tight wall with the Bolsominions voting for me ”.

What caught the attention of viewers was that Globo even aired a speech by Sarah, in March, in which she said she liked the president.

Fábio Almeida

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