Paulo Gustavo shows signs of improvement in the fight against Covid | Rio de Janeiro

Paulo Gustavo shows signs of improvement in the fight against Covid | Rio de Janeiro
Paulo Gustavo shows signs of improvement in the fight against Covid | Rio de Janeiro

Interned since March 13 at the Copa Star Hospital, in Copacabana, South Zone of Rio, he has a stable condition and remains in intensive care, with the use of Ecmo – a therapy that is similar to the use of an artificial lung (learn more about the Ecmo).

“The clinical evolution, which demands his individual time, had – especially in the last 24 hours – signs of progressive evolution that generated optimism in the medical team, which informs that: the day before yesterday the patient underwent a pleuroscopy, when a fistula was identified broncho-pleural that prevented adequate mechanical ventilation, having been immediately corrected. Since then, some important clinical and laboratory signs of improvement have become more evident “, says the note.

VIDEO: Understand how ECMO works, therapy done in Paulo Gustavo

According to the doctors, “the need for Ecmo remains, although with more reduced parameters”.

“This set of data, despite the patient’s severity, has increased the optimism of the medical team.”

The note also says that the “family of the actor is very grateful for the affection and prayers and asks that they continue to send good energy for their recovery and for all those who are in the fight against the virus”.

Husband believes in rebirth

Paulo Gustavo’s husband in an interview with Fantástico: ‘I believe that the rebirth is getting closer and closer’

In the fight to beat Covid, Paulo Gustavo has had, in addition to the support of the medical team, the presence of two very close people: her friend Susana Garcia, director of films and specials for the actor, who is also a doctor, and her husband Thales Bretas, a dermatologist, who never leaves his side.

On Sunday (4), the two recorded testimonials for Fantástico, talking about these 22 days of hospitalization and also about the hope of seeing him recovered.

“He turned and said: ‘Susana, if I could now, I would like to show the Brazilians, show everyone, how much this disease makes us suffer, how difficult it is, what I am going through here, how important it is people take care of themselves. ”He said that. And before he was intubated, he looked at Thales and said,“ I love you. make us laugh a lot still “.

“Right now, we are living in a somewhat difficult period, right? With many ups and downs. Anyone who has been through Covid and has been hospitalized, knows what the disease is like. It is a very serious disease. It is very dangerous, sneaky. Paulo is a super healthy guy. We were taking care of ourselves a lot. At Easter, which is such a special moment, I believe this rebirth is getting closer and closer. So, I wanted to fill your hearts with hope, thank all prayers again and say that soon, our beloved Paulo Gustavo will be back “.

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