Argument? Confusion between Ludmilla and BBB’s Pocah ended in aggression

Argument? Confusion between Ludmilla and BBB’s Pocah ended in aggression
Argument? Confusion between Ludmilla and BBB’s Pocah ended in aggression
The funkeira Ludmilla was confirmed in BBB21 by Rede Globo for the party this Saturday (day 03). What few know is that she and Pocah already had raids and that the BBB participant even fought with other big names in the national funk. In recent times, the former MC Pocahontas, decided to let off steam on social media after a fight with Ludmilla surfaced. “Who knows what he sows, is not afraid of the harvest. Peace”, wrote Pocah on Instagram.

The confusion between the singers started when the journalist Leo Dias rescued an old fight between Ludmilla and Pocahontas over a song. Then, several internet users began to recall an old interview by Ludmilla to Danilo Gentili. In the chat, Lud confessed that he had already assaulted a “repressed” rival.

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“[Dei] beat up [cantora] who stole my music. I didn’t even know I was going to fight. It heated my blood, boiled, and I punched her in the face. She fell on the table and kept talking. ‘Watch my face’. He fell on a glass table and kept saying that he was going to tear her face. Everyone came to separate us. It was really hard ”, admitted Ludmilla in the interview to The Noite still in 2014.

“I got a song when I was not famous. Then I recorded it. A girl who was more famous than me at the time recorded the song in front of me. I cried. I didn’t want to be an MC anymore, to be part of this world“, He added. On the web, Pocah has already stated that the issues with Ludmilla have already been clarified.

“When Lud started, we were in the same office. We were very young, we had some problems in the past because they did the same thing with us that they are trying to do today: to put one against the other. I wrote a song called ‘Recalcada’. At the time, I had ‘Eu Sento Rebolando’ playing on the charts. They gave me a song that I made for Ludmilla to record without my consent. I didn’t even know and she, much less. I had already put my voice in the studio. It seems that she created expectation over the music that was given to her. Only they released the song in my voice and we fought for this reason. We’re over it. I did not steal her music and she can confirm that, because Lud has a gigantic heart and I believe that she would not agree with this lie. Today we are mature enough to leave our problems behind, and I love her and respect her too much ”, wrote the funkeira.

In videos posted on Instagram, Pocah came to deny all the accusations of Leo Dias and vehemently declared that he did not have any disagreement with Anitta either. “Machismo media and society insist on pitting one woman against another”, vented the funkeira.

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