Baby of Joana Longoria, from ‘Secret Story’, is in intensive care

O son of Joana Longoria Pinto, former competitor of the ‘Secret Story’ program, was born on March 26, at 31 weeks of gestation.

The young woman, who was already hospitalized due to a placental detachment, was forced to have an urgent caesarean section for having gone into pre-eclampsia – which was only noticed because she started bleeding during the bath.

Baby António was born premature and in need of medical care. One week after delivery, the boy remains hospitalized in intensive care.

“We don’t know yet when he comes home, it will depend on how he is evolving. Thank God, everything is on the right path. He has already gained weight, already breathes without the machine. It’s a strong one. Any day goes from intensive care to intermediate care“, says Joana in response to the fans’ curiosity.

[Joana Longoria com o filho ao colo]© Reproduction Instagram / Joana Longoria
About the delicate moment that she is living because she is far from her son, since Joana has already been discharged, the former ‘Secret Story’ reveals: “It is very difficult, in the first days I cried a lot. Even today, sometimes, I am laughing and then crying. But what I thought about was: My baby has to be there, he is being treated well and with all the necessary care. when he comes home to take care of him “.

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