Can’t resist: Filomena Cautela sends a message to Cristina Ferreira – Nacional

Filomena Cautela played with the scenery of Cristina Ferreira’s new program, drawing attention to the size of the house of ‘Cristina ComVida‘.”Revelation: here’s the scenario for my new show. We can’t hide anymore … Ya, it’s not a ‘Big Brother’ house, right, man, but it was cute, wasn’t it?“, Filomena wrote on Instagram in the caption of a photo from the RTP newscast studio.

Filomena Caution
Photo: Instagram

The presenter then said that the statement was just a joke. “Errata (lol) this is the ‘Newscast’, guys. It was a pun”. Filomena Cautela’s joke happened a week after Cristina Ferreira’s controversial interview with ‘Jornal de Notícias’, in which TVI’s new boss claims not to have a budget as big as that of RTP and SIC, despite having already spent around 300 thousand euros in the setting of another program, ‘Dia de Cristina’.


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