“Where does this love come from?” – POPline

“Where does this love come from?” – POPline
“Where does this love come from?” – POPline

Sarah is fulfilling its post-elimination agenda for Big Brother Brazil. As Carla diaz, the ex-sister was invited for a quick interview at “Domingão do Faustão”, commanded by the presenter Fausto Silva, which has not spared the marketing expert from thorny and pinprick questions about its popularity.

Photo: reproduction / TV GLOBO

Upon hearing Sarah say that she did not regret participating in the reality show because she was receiving a lot of “love from people”, the presenter asked: “Does this love come from where 76% of the votes went? How the crowd cheats out here too. In front of you are ‘what a pity that you left ”, said Faustão.


Asked about where she went wrong in the game, the brasiliense believes that she trusted the wrong people and played with her nickname “spy”.

What was missing was the spy remembering to spy elsewhere. We had two rooms there, right? I just peeked at the color and forgot the string, I thought I trusted everyone and I didn’t have to worry about them. What a sadness. Looking at the videos today, the disappointment is so great.


Sarah was asked if the problem with Rodolffo involved jealousy and an interest in the backwoodsman. She denied: “We are very different in personality, if there were other people inside it could have happened, but Rodolffo, I don’t think so”.

The ex-sister’s disagreements with Juliette, who were responsible for the end of the so-called G3, were also addressed. Fausto’s dancers questioned her sister about her attitude towards the makeup artist. “When we started trying to open her eyes to some things and you start to find a problem that you don’t have,” said the marketing expert. Before that, the presenter made a mistake in the participant’s name several times:

“In the beginning it is easier, there are a lot of people, so it is easier to fix a problem. It tapers off and you ask yourself what to do, you start to pick up little things and the game gets really complicated ”.


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