Family spends a fortune trying to save Paulo Gustavo’s life! – Prism

Family spends a fortune trying to save Paulo Gustavo’s life! – Prism
Family spends a fortune trying to save Paulo Gustavo’s life! – Prism

The attempt to save the life of comedian Paulo Gustavo, who is in serious condition because of Covid-19, is for a few and costs a real fortune.

Physicians sought by KTV claim that between hospitalization and extra resources, Paulo Gustavo’s daily rate at the CopaStar Hospital ICU in Rio does not come out for less than R $ 50,000. Yes, R $ 50 thousand / day.

Paulo Gustavo, 42, has been hospitalized since March 13 in the ICU of this hospital, which is one of the most expensive in the country. In addition to a special structure at the unit, Paulo is still undergoing state-of-the-art treatment to try to recover the lungs affected by the disease.

He is being subjected to daily sessions of ECMO, Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation. That is, the oxygenation of the patient will be done by a membrane outside the body.

In some patients, the lung becomes unable to absorb oxygen. Therefore, it is necessary to “replace” the organ. That’s when ECMO enters. The device acts like an artificial lung and oxygenates the blood outside the body. In the case of the comedian, the equipment used is of the latest generation, with very few similar units in the country. It is necessary to have professionals trained in the use of ECMO 24 hours a day beside the patient, to avoid problems such as pulmonary embolism.

The cost of this technology is around R $ 30 thousand per day, apart from other expenses with medication and hospitalization, which, in the case of the actor, are being taken to the highest level.

Doctors do not know how long to use this equipment, which is considered the most modern in the country. ECMO has been used in Brazil for some years, but it is not available in public health systems, or in more popular hospitals.

The order of the actor’s family is not to save resources to save him. Specialists and professionals from other hospitals can be called if necessary.

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