“Pulled me,” says Viih Tube’s mother about her strategies on BBB21

The column talked to Viviane Felicio and Bruno Magri, the mother and boyfriend, respectively, of Viih Tube, from BBB21, about the turn that the youtuber took in the most watched house in Brazil. Thaís Braz’s friend grows daily, in and out of the game, due to her “master strokes” within the competition. Viviane and Bruno defend Vitória by saying that she was always an intelligent and persuasive girl.

“Viih was always persuasive and that she took from me. So, it is for this reason that Vitória squanders this way of being in a calm and natural way ”, the young woman’s mother pointed out to the column.

It is worth remembering that the elimination of Sarah Andrade, last Tuesday (3/30), counted on Viih’s “little help”. The young woman managed to get singer Rodolffo and other BBBs to come together to indicate Gil do Vigor’s best friend for the wall. “I’m finding her involvement with the girls great [Thaís e Juliette]. I think Viih is a good player and I believe in her final with her sisters ”, he added.

The thesis that the actress is acting naturally within Big Brother Brasil, despite having a talent for acting, seems to be in fact true. In addition to the mother of the current program leader, her boyfriend also revealed that the São Paulo woman was always a strategist. “I already knew that side of her. I know this more strategic and tactical side of Viih. And I couldn’t wait for the audience to realize how smart and visionary she is ”, revealed Bruno.

“My expectations are the highest possible. I trust her potential a lot and I think that Vitória still has a lot to show to the public and that she will surprise the people at home. For me, Viih won the game, right? I think at least until the top 5 she arrives ”, finished.


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