Royalty expert reveals who was the member of the royal family who questioned Archie’s skin tone

During a controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan revealed that a member of the royal family would have raised the question of how dark the skin tone of Archie when he was born. The information surprised the public and tried to “guess” who might be the author of such a comment, since the Dukes of Sussex did not reveal names. The couple said only that the comment had not even come from the queen Isabel II, nor the husband, the prince Philip.

The writer and specialist in the royal family Lady Colin Campbell recently commented on the case on your YouTube channel. And she revealed the identity of the person who allegedly made racist comments about Archie’s skin tone when Meghan was still pregnant.

“I know who is. I’ve known who it is for some time ”, started by saying Lady Colin Campbell on her channel, later revealing that the person in question is the princess Ana, Harry’s aunt. The specialist added that Isabel II’s daughter would never have liked the idea of ​​her nephew’s marriage to Meghan.

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The writer also informs that she obtained the information through a person close to the royal family, making it clear that the princess is not racist. “They turned everything into a matter of racism, when criticism focused on the Duchess’s cultural differences”, said Lady Campbell.

It should be remembered that this issue was so controversial that it led the queen to break the ‘rule’ of the family never commenting on any issue that appears in the press about any of its members. In a statement released shortly after the interview, Isabel II said that “The issues raised, especially those related to race, are worrisome. They are taken very seriously and will be treated privately by the family ”.


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