Adriana Esteves tells the scene ‘took her sleep’ in the soap opera

Adriana Esteves tells the scene ‘took her sleep’ in the soap opera
Adriana Esteves tells the scene ‘took her sleep’ in the soap opera
Thelma has already done a few good ones in “Amor de Mãe”. In addition to murdering her friend to hide the origin of Danilo (Chay Suede) in the plot, Adriana Esteves’ character pierced her son’s condom with the desire to become a grandmother.

For the podcast “Novela das 9”, the actress rated this scene as one of the most difficult in the soap opera. “Murdering someone is crazy, and then murdering more than one person is double and triple crazy.”

“Now, like this, the madness that scared me at the beginning of the novel and that made me sleep and talk a lot with the direction was to punch the condom.

“I had to understand that in a fiction this can exist and will lead to questions and maybe even questioning is what interests me to people to look and talk.”

In the podcast, she gets to play with her daughter-in-law and the “rumors” that she would also pierce her son’s condom, Felipe Ricca. “What they must have said to Flavinha, ‘watch out for your mother-in-law at home’ … they must have said a lot,” he laughs.

Recently, the actress talked about comparisons between Thelma, from “Amor de Mãe”, and Carminha, from “Avenida Brasil”. In an interview with Quem, she said she would blame herself if the characters became very similar on the screen.

“They are extremely different characters, from different authors. I have already played two villains from João Emanuel Carneiro – Carminha from ‘Avenida Brasil’ and Laureta from ‘Segundo Sol’ – and there, yes, my concern was greater.”

“Now, João and Manuela Dias, are completely different. If they were similar, the mistake would be mine. I would have a problem for wanting to impress a certain personality.”


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