Serginho Groisman is left behind and Mion takes the place of Altas Horas

Serginho Groisman should lose space from Altas Horas on Globo to Marcos Mion – Photo: Reproduction

Presenter Serginho Groisman may miss his Altas Horas on Globo after the broadcaster negotiates his time with Marcos Mion

Many people have recently been surprised by the news that Marcos Mion is out of Record. The presenter, who had been quite successful at the helm of the 12th season of the reality show A Fazenda, became involved in disagreements with the program’s director, Rodrigo Carelli. But now he can take the place of Serginho Groisman.

Precisely because of the success of A Fazenda, this news shocked and immediately made many people suspect that Mion was going to Globo. This trip was practically taken for granted when the Rio channel announced the production of a new season of the reality show No Limite, but it went down the drain a few days later.

Mion was passed over

André Marques was announced as the commander of the attraction inspired by Survivor. Even so, director Boninho, who runs both No Limite and Big Brother Brasil, made it clear to Mion that he admires his work and that he intends to work with him in the future, paving the way for the famous on the Globo screen.

Marcos Mion presented The Farm at Record - Photo: Reproduction
Marcos Mion presented The Farm at Record – Photo: Reproduction

According to information from the Observatório da Televisão website, however, Marcos Mion’s space on Globo should be on Saturday nights, a time that is currently occupied by Serginho Groisman with his Altas Horas. The former Record would be about to sign a long-term contract with Globo for a weekly program.

Serginho Groisman out?

According to what was found by the website, Globo’s intention is to rejuvenate the public that consumes its programming on Saturday nights, which has had the same attraction for at least two decades, since Serginho Groisman was removed from SBT. Mion, it is worth remembering, has been talking very well with young audiences ever since.

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