‘I don’t think any woman has ever loved me’

” I really am a storyteller, ” says Lima Duarte, amidst laughter, when he hears that he has been successful on social media. Weekly, on Instagram, the 91-year-old actor records videos reporting behind the scenes of the soap operas made in his more than 70 years of career, cites stories from his private life, gives tips on series and books and always finds time to recite Fernando Pessoa or Guimarães Rose.

– My grandchildren do everything, I just talk. I tell it because there are things I saw or experienced, which can be interesting for the kids. But I have no idea how this web works. I see grace in some things, but the truth is that I am terrified of the virtual – says the veteran.

The recordings take place on the site in Indaiatuba, in the interior of São Paulo, where the artist lives. The setting varies between the room, which functions as a private museum (where they are from movie posters he made to clothes of iconic characters), and the garden, next to the birds he likes to feed. And Lima is distracted by all this while preparing to start recording, as soon as possible, the second season of “Aruanas”, Globoplay series.

– I have been stuck in this paradise for a year and I don’t go out for anything. I listen to music and read all day. I also see old soap operas. I like it because I remember what happened beyond the scenes. You do not want to know what is, or rather, what were Globo Studios. Pride, egos, hatred, love … – sighs.

It is in this spirit that the miner is thrilled with the replay of “The savior of the country” (1989), on the Viva channel, starting on April 12. Lima Duarte played the cold-game Sassá Mutema in the plot that had a political background at the same time that the country was once again having direct elections for president. The role was even compared to Lula.

– It is a character that deserves a little attention. Now it’s agribusiness, but, in my day, it was small business (laughs). I planted what I would like to eat. There was no such thing as Brasilia. And the soap opera spoke of that moment of transition in the country. Sassá was a gardener who touched flowers and they thrived. He became a politician, this was lost. He was also a man who did not know how to read or write and he wrongly loved his little teacher (lived by Maitê Proença). It’s a beautiful story.

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In addition to him, Lima likes to highlight other roles that play in political discussions, such as Zeca Diabo, from “O bem-amado” (1973); Sinhozinho Malta, from “Roque Santeiro” (1985), among many others. In the videos, he speaks lovingly of the friendship with the author Dias Gomes and of the intelligent criticisms he made. They were partners in the Brazilian Communist Party, in the 1950s. In their youth, they wanted to denounce the world’s ailments.

– I miss my friends. So many are gone … At the same time, I don’t remember them here anymore.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the actor ironic the postures of the current president of Brazil. Especially in relation to vaccines.

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– I think of grandchildren, children. What has happened to us? Plagues, tragedies, viruses, the presidency … Our Lady, how many nonsense and lies we have seen! Not to mention brutal rudeness. The man (Jair Bolsonaro) said that China’s vaccine is no good. But I am feeling very well vaccinated. And I love oriental wisdom – says the artist, who has already taken the two doses that prevent against the coronavirus.

Novel canceled by censorship

“In 1975, the first version of ‘Roque Santeiro’ was banned the day it was going to air, due to AI-5 (a tough decree of the military dictatorship). The next day, we had a meeting at Globo, and Boni, the director , said: “They are all fired … Unless they prepare a soap opera in 15 days.” I couldn’t be unemployed, I had the girls’ school to pay. Everyone agreed. Janete Clair, who was married to Dias Gomes , handed over the synopsis of ‘Pecado capital’. And we adapted. But Dias, who was crazy about life with his canceled soap opera, asked me: ‘Put a little Sinhozinho Malta in your new character’. first scene as Salviano Lisboa, he appears in the factory with the employees singing the hymn, something a little fascist. And that passed through censorship “.

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Paper refusal after September 11, 2001

“Where were you when the world ended again? I was in Rio, in a hotel, because I had a meeting to do the soap opera ‘O clone’. When I saw the scene of the attack, the Twin Towers falling, smoke everywhere, I was amazed. I decided that I would not do the soap opera. I was afraid that the terrorists would catch me. The directors tried to reassure me, because it was a romantic novel. It was silly of me, the soap opera was a success. But I didn’t do it ”.

Involvement with Maitê Proença

The romance of “The savior of the motherland” crossed the TV screen and gained real life. Lima and Maitê Proença had a brief romance, said by him, denied by her. In interviews, the actress cites affection and reveals that she found support in her colleague when her father’s illness was experiencing. “Maitê must have loved Sassá Mutema. We played, we had fun, but I never saw her again. Life took us to other places, but I always hope that she will be happy ”, she says. The actor, who has married three times, is economical compared to other flirtations. “I always told the girls to be careful with me because I’m from Aries with a Scorpio ascendant, but I don’t understand Astrology (laughs). I don’t think any woman has ever loved me. I don’t love myself. I love my characters ”.

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Memory that makes you cry

When it comes to mending stories, Lima’s voice is only choked when he is invited to quote his first memory of life. “My mother was epileptic. At 7 years old, I stayed in the kitchen, on the dirt floor, next to her. Once, she passed out and I, crying, tried to lift her up. At that time, it was not known that it was a brain injury. “The person still has an ‘access’. That term still intrigues me. Access to the devil, the soul, the brain? This is still very strong for me today. These are the situations that formed my early childhood.”

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