Danilo Gentili scares fans by appearing with a deformed face: ‘Certainty of my faith’

Danilo Gentili worried fans when he appeared on social media with his face totally deformed. The presenter revealed that he experienced moments of tension after suffering an allergic reaction to medication during Easter Sunday.

Gentili also said that in addition to his face, he also had a swollen trachea and almost had to be intubated and because he was unable to take medication, he could have died. In the video, Gentili took the opportunity to reflect on Easter and spoke about Jesus Christ.

“I had a hard time this Easter, but thank God everything is fine now, everything is at peace. But, by accident I took a medication that I could not and I am allergic and started to give anaphylactic shock, my eyes started to swell a lot, my trachea started to swell a lot ”, he started.

“But seriously, I had a very intense Easter Sunday. I was under observation and now I am better. I had a tense period and if my windpipe did not regress I would need to be intubated and if I were intubated it would be a risk for me ”, he continued.

“I cannot take medicine, I cannot be medicated and I could go to the bag and when I thought I could go to the bag I had peace, because I remembered who I have believed in and I remembered that because He lives I will also live and because of him, even if I died, I would live. It is still Easter and as this is the most precious thing I have, I am sharing it with you. Seek that life and you will never die. Happy Easter ”, he concluded.

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