Sthefany Brito reveals ‘sign of God’ about Paulo Gustavo, in the ICU with Covid-19

Sthefany Brito reveals ‘sign of God’ about Paulo Gustavo, in the ICU with Covid-19
Sthefany Brito reveals ‘sign of God’ about Paulo Gustavo, in the ICU with Covid-19
Sthefany Brito said she felt the presence of God while praying for the health of Paulo Gustavo, admitted to the ICU of a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, after having to be intubated because of Covid-19. Unlike Tatá Werneck and other celebrities who have been constantly asking for the comedian’s recovery, Sthefany said that she does not know the actor personally. “But the feeling is that he is a friend and very close,” he said.

Antonio Enrico’s mother, who received criticism for showing her postpartum body in a bikini, continued to say that she believes she received a message from God about the recovery of the famous, who needed to receive an artificial lung as part of the treatment. “He doesn’t leave my mind all day … Today, especially, in many moments when I was with my son in my arms, at all times I was thinking about his little children”, he said, about the twins Romeu and Gael, fruits of the relationship by Paulo with Thales Bretas.

“Whenever he sees my head I ask God to allow him to come back to us. Now I got out of the shower and thought of him. I stopped, closed my eyes and asked again! A lot! I begged! I opened my eyes and ‘saw’ [a palavra] faith written on the marble of the sink! I cringed! I was thrilled! I believe in signs! I believe that God speaks to us in many ways! And I believe that this is exactly what happened now! “, He said, showing the word” written “in the sink of his house.

“It may seem silly or even crazy, but I had never noticed it in the marble of the sink. And I have faith! In God! I have faith that soon we will be laughing with Paulo Gustavo on the stages and cinemas of life. On this more than special day, that people have faith in life! Faith in God (whoever your God is) “, he wished.

Paulo Gustavo’s husband goes to the hospital every day

Dermatologist, Thales Bretas, husband of Paulo Gustavo, makes daily visits to the artist at the hospital. And although the artist cannot talk to him, because he is sedated, Thales insists on being present. “He, as a doctor, knows everything that is happening and helps a lot. But not only that: Like his love, he puts music on you, massages your foot and talks to you. Every day,” described Susana Garcia, a woman of actor Herson Capri and friend of Paulo Gustavo, in an emotional account.

The director also said that Paulo said goodbye to her husband before being intubated. “I love you. I’ll be back,” said the actor shortly before receiving the sedation for the procedure.

(By Carmen Moreira)

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