Danilo discovers Thelma farce and finds Lourdes

Danilo (Chay Suede) will not give up discovering the truth about Thelma (Adriana Esteves), in Amor de Mãe. He looks for Seu Nuno (Rodolfo Vaz) to clear up the story that her son died in the fire.

Before taking Covid-19, he, drunk, told Danilo that Thelma’s son died in the same fire that killed his father and that she did not lose her baby son as he had told her.

Danilo insists and Seu Nuno confirms that Thelma left the hospital with another baby in her arms after the fire, leaving the young man with the flea behind his ear. Before that, however, Danilo sees a payment for renting a farm and probes his mother about the place. But before Danilo gets there, Lurdes (Regina Casé) manages to escape again. When Danilo finds the farm, the captivity is empty, but he recognizes some belongings from Camila’s mother (Jessica Ellen).

At this point, Lourdes is hiding in the woods near the farm, away from the road where the cars pass. Danilo starts looking for her tirelessly. And when she realizes that her son is nearby calling for her, Lourdes appears.


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