“Hell’s Kitchen”. Ljubomir decides not to expel any competitor this Sunday. Find out why – Television

In the fourth issue of “Hell’s Kitchen”, the big surprises fell on the women’s team that revealed unity and talent. After winning the two tests thought by Ljubomir Stanisic, the preparation of the streak dish and a breakfast, the restaurant opened again to the guests and the best service was that of the red team.

“I am very pleased with the red team. For the way they managed to help the weakest members of the team and the way they came together at once. And this is wonderful, it is the best you can see in a kitchen “, he began by praising the most feared chef on national television, who, on the other hand, was disappointed with the men’s team.

“I am very sad with the blue team, today you showed your weakest parts: first that they are not united as a team, second that they are not able to have a leadership and third that they are silly cockroaches until they say enough. Of course, the red team won this event. They were spectacular. It was the best service to date, “he added.

After these compliments, the contestants commented once again that they were happy with the work they performed in this broadcast. “I am still the weakest link, not the weakest. I’m already starting to climb one step at a time,” said Ana Cristina, adding that what matters is to know how to take the team forward together. Finally, the chef also congratulated Rafaela for having managed the kitchen well with the support of Francisca. “It was beautiful to see that.”

As with all broadcasts, the defeated team was forced to elect three contestants to be expelled. After a long conversation, the blue team decided that Ljubomir’s choice should fall under Lucas, Rafael and João, but the chef did not agree. After questioning the three cooks about the reasons that led them to believe that they should remain in competition, Stanisic made a decision. “Do the three of you think you should stay? I think so too. I’ll talk to you tomorrow and nobody will be leaving because I don’t agree with your appointment at all”, he stated.

“Hell’s Kitchen” remains with 14 contestants, after Raúl and Ana Sofia left the competition.

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